Hsiang Liang


To sell Taiwan's fine agricultural products, frozen and processed foods, and imported potatoes from Europe and America to domestic restaurants, restaurants, empty kitchens, entertainment channels, restaurant and restaurant suppliers, traditional markets, breakfast materials, lunch boxes, schools, and hospital meals. Material supply, office group purchase, online shopping consumer and other customer services.



Marketing Cooperation Proposal

Our company has years of diversified sales channels and product agency and marketing experience, which can effectively and accurately achieve your ideal efficiency and publicity. Thank you for your support and love. If you have any ideas or suggestions for cooperation, please email us at (service@hsiang-liang.com.tw) and we will contact you as soon as possible.





Cooperation Advantages and Instructions

Refrigerated Storage Equipment:

◎ Italy's freezer board insulation has reached professional standards.
◎ Use STORAX mobile shelves in the UK High space utilization.
◎ The height of the warehouse space is 12 meters to increase the storage space.

Extremely low-temperature and cold-keeping agricultural products keep the freshest quality of frozen foods.








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